Chapter 213
Chap 213
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 判断
Translated Title: Handan
English Title: Judgment
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Kiyoderu Yuugami leads Tokine down an underground passage. He takes keys to the second island's basement prison (paying off a staff member along the way), and frees disruptive prisoners as a distraction. They barge into the cell of Rakii Yoshida, an older prisoner who has secretly been tunnelling his way out. Kiyoderu pays him off for use of the tunnel. Saigo Enjouji quickly knocks out the prisoners and continues following the pair.

Kiyoderu asks Tokine if she is fully aware of the consequences of her decision to kill the Hidagou Lord. While he recognizes that she did so to protect Karasumori, he points out that sacrificing herself did not close the matter, and that people must be in despair because of her choice. Tokine realizes her family must be worried about her, even though they tried to hide it, and Yoshimori as well. The idea that she made them all sad brings tears to her eyes, but she wipes them away.

Yoshimori and Miki Hatori battle the flying Ayakashi swarm. Sen Kagemiya tries to track using his powers again, and this time Tokine senses him, just as Saigo reaches the start of the tunnel. Saigo is foreced to leave her weapon behind, as the tunnel is too small for it. As she begins to climb up, Kiyoderu rigs his suitcase to explode and drops it into the tunnel, causing a massive explosion. Tokine is horrified, but Kiyoderu assures her that Saigo won't die from just that, and suggests that Tokine do her best to not to make the people around her worry.

Sen sees the smoke from the explosion and focuses on that area until he spots Kiyoderu and Tokine. He immediately informs Yoshimori.


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