Chapter 212
Chap 212
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 抜け道
Translated Title: Nukemichi
English Title: Rat Run
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


On the mainland, Hakota watches as Yoshimori and Miki Hatori battle the prison staff, providing details to Shu Akitsu.

Quickly discovering that the men they are fighting are all Shikigami (of Saikaku Enjouji), Hatori declares they should strike without holding back, and Yoshimori helps her make short work of the rest. Sen Kagemiya continues tracking Saigo Enjouji's location.

Kiyoderu Yuugami explains to Tokine how it is common practice for Shadow Organization offices to build escape routes into their bases. He states that they are not physical routes, but likely gates connected to the spirit world, created by ability users. Kiyoderu believes such a gate would be on the first island, since the buildings there are the oldest. Saigo arrives abruptly, causing the pair to flee. Tokine manages to momentarily delay her by blocking the hallway with a Kekkai, but this only makes Saigo more furious as she continues hunting them.

Hatori's group find themselves going in circles. Hatori suggests this might be the result of a spell designed to trick outsiders. Yoshimori suggests looking from the sky, though Sen is doubtful this will work. However, as a result of Yoshimori's idea, the group is attacked by many flying Ayakashi. Yoshimori insists this is better than running in circles, since all they have to do is clear the way. He and Hatori prepare to fight the approaching swarm.


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