Chapter 211
Chap 211
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 着火
Translated Title: Chakka
English Title: Setting a Fire
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Saigo Enjouji openly declares her intention to do whatever she likes once Tokine is captured. Miki Hatori refuses to allow this, which infuriates Saigo. Sen Kagemiya is able to tell from the aura that feels that Saigo is an Ayakashi Majiri. Saigo attacks Hatori, but Yoshimori intervenes. Saigo states that she is justice on the island, and anyone getting in her way will be beheaded for assisting a convict. Saigo applies explosive talismans to a rock, using the explosion to cover her escape.

Kiyoderu Yuugami suggests that he and Tokine escape together. Tokine worries that the stamp on her will ensure they'll be found by the prison staff right away, and suggests that only she needs to escape. Kiyoderu insists that their circumstances are the same now, since by now Yashiro will now he isn't dead.

Saikaku Enjouji examines the interrogation room, but finds no trace of Kiyoderu's body. Yashiro says that Kiyoderu and Tokine must be working together.

Tokine retrieves Kiyoderu's suitcase, and Kiyoderu takes her to his room in the hidden dorm for prison staff. Kiyoderu takes some stored blood from a safe to partially recreate his tie. He mentions there are hidden routes from before the Prosecution Office was built, and that they should use those.

Saigo tracks Tokine's prison stamp via a map where her location is highlighted.

In the remains of the administration building, Sen says he would normally have trouble tracking humans, but he can track Saigo because of her powerful aura. Hatori warns they will be treated as criminals for trying to save Tokine, but Yoshimori is determined. Before they can leave, a crowd of men approaches them.


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