Chapter 210
Chap 210
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 島狩り
Translated Title: Shima Kari
English Title: Island Manhunt
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


The Island Boatman's boat Ayakashi arrives at Guillotine Island (carrying Miki Hatori, Sen Kagemiya, and Yoshimori Sumimura), easily leaping up the rocky shore. The group is immediately met by an Island Guide. Hatori explains the situation, and the guide agrees to lead them to the administration building. However, the boatman refuses to wait on the island for them, since it is against policy, and because his Ayakashi does not like staying on the island. He tells them to contact him when they're ready to leave, and then departs.

At the administration building, while the co-wardens are discussing Hatori's request, Yashiro comes in wounded, and says that Tokine killed Kiyoderu Yuugami and escaped, shocking Hatori's group. Yashiro adds that Tokine should still be on the island, and asks for her to be recaptured.

Tokine leaves Kiyoderu's suitcase in a small cave. Since Kamina proved useless to her, she decides to try swimming away from the island. However, she spots a bloody body floating in the water, and as she pulls it in with a Nenshi, realizes it is Kiyoderu.

The co-wardens tell Hatori to leave the island immediately. She insists that Tokine should be transferred to them as stated in the document, but Saikaku tells her that the document is invalid, and that their word is and always has been the law on the island. Hatori protests the highly suspicious way in which Tokine's case has been handled so far, but is ignored.

As Tokine tends to Kiyoderu, she hears an announcement that she is now being hunted for his murder.


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