Chapter 209
Chap 209
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 逃走
Translated Title: Tōsō
English Title: Escape
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Miki Hatori leads a group consisting of Hakota, Yoshimori Sumimura, Shu Akitsu, and Sen Kagemiya to the Island Boatman. He agrees to take them to Guillotine Island, but states that his boat Ayakashi can only carry four people other than himself. Hakota is asked to remain behind, though is very reluctant to do so. Yoshimori mentions they'll need space when they bring back Tokine as well, so Shu agrees to wait with Hakota.

Kiyoderu Yuugami decides to help Tokine escape, but warns her that she'll be on her own after that, and tells her to rely on her comrades to solve the mystery behind the Shinyuuchi huntings. They find the door of the interrogation room locked. Tokine offers to break it, but Kiyoderu explains that the three creatures in the water are trained to attack anyone who forces the door open. However, he agrees it is necessary to be wild sometimes, and gives her his suitcase, which contains Kamina, so she can get away from the island. Tokine breaks down the door with a Kekkai and runs, with two of the creatures immediately chasing her. Kiyoderu stays behind and kills one of the creatures. Yashiro returns, and Kiydoderu claims that Tokine stole his suitcase and escaped on her own, and that he had to defend himself against one creature. Yashiro is clearly suspicious about the missing suitcase, and Kiyoderu tells Yashiro not to worry, since Kamina can't be used unless he allows it.

Tokine uses Kekkai to pin the two creatures in a corridor. As she runs, she wonders if the purpose behind brainwashing her was to either frame her as a Shinyuuchi hunter, or force her to actually be one. Tokine reaches the outside and releases Kamina. However, once they are in the air, Kamina begins to melt and fall. The cause is that Yashiro has stabbed Kiyoderu with a large dagger. Meanwhile, Hatori's group is approaching the island by boat.


Volume 22
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