Chapter 208
Chap 208
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 詰問
Translated Title: Kitsumon
English Title: Interrogation
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Kiyoderu Yuugami points out that Tokine isn't all that important to Karasumori, as she is the weakest Kekkaishi, and most likely started trouble because she feels she isn't needed. Tokine denies this. Kiyoderu explains how his older sister was trained to live only for the purpose of protecting a Shinyuuchi, but when it vanished, she had no reason to live. He suggests that this wouldn't happen to Tokine, because she doesn't have a strong attachment to Karasumori, and might want to see it destroyed. Tokine denies this, stating that protecting Karasumori is her duty.

Shu Akitsu lands outside the Sumimura Home to pick up Yoshimori (literally) and carries him into the sky, where Sen Kagemiya and Hakota are waiting on one of Mukade's shadow bugs. Sen mentions that Hakota's ability might be useful to them. Mukade drops them off, where they are met by Miki Hatori. She shows Yoshimori a document that will force the Prosecution Office to turn Tokine over to them. Yoshimori thanks them all for helping.

Yashiro leaves the interrogation room to prepare a brainwashing room. Kiyoderu suddenly tells Tokine that she needs to leave, or she could have her secrets exposed, be brainwashed, or even killed. Tokine is shocked by this sudden change in attitude. Kiyoderu says he is suspicious of how the investigation of the Shinyuuchi hunting has proceeded, and says he will help her escape. Tokine agrees to trust him, because before she didn't feel he'd treated her like a criminal.

Sen explains to Yoshimori that anyone attempting to reach Guillotine Island by air is shot, which is why they can't depend on Mukade's bugs. Hatori is inwardly concerned that Tokine has been on the island for five hours, and already knows the dangers of the brainwashing room.

Meanwhile, Yashiro lights candles in the brainwashing room in preparation for Tokine.


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