Chapter 207
Chap 207
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 断頭島
Translated Title: Dantō Shima
English Title: Headless Island
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Guillotine Island is actually composed of three separate islands. After landing on the first sland, Kiyoderu Yuugami transforms his handkerchief into a flowery restraint to bind Tokine's hands. He then recalls Kamina into his suitcase. Tokine is taken to Administration, where she processed and given a special stamp on her hand, which allows them to track her movements. Yashiro orders Kiyoderu to summon Kamina again, so they can trasport Tokine to the third island.

In a phone conversation with Kei Sazanami, Sen Kagemiya expresses his concerns with the Prosecution Office reacting so quickly and decisively. Sazanami says he is too involved, but agrees that it is worrying. He mentions that it isn't uncommon for people taken by them to simply vanish because it is such a confined place, which alarms Sen. Sazanami says they still have options, using Masamori's recent alliance with Okuni as an example. Sen wonders about this, and Sazanami says that Okuni makes accurate judgments and can solve any mysteries. Sazanami says they should get Tokine back as soon as possible.

Sen notifies Yoshimori that they will be leaving in one hour. Yoshimori goes to his grandfather and begs for permission to leave, stating that Tokine being imprisoned was entirely his fault. Shigemori warns Yoshimori that he must accept what arises because of his actions, but allows him to leave. He also reminds Yoshimori to thank the people who arranged it for him.

On the third island, Tokine is taken to an interrogation room. The room has a long walkway and a table at the end of it, but is otherwise filled with water, and demons lie in wait, emerging every so often. Yashiro reviews the events of the Hidagou Lord's appearance in Karasumori. Kiyoderu suggests getting straight to heart of the matter. He says people who are brought to the third island, they have many ways of dealing with criminals. Tokine takes this as a threat. Kiyoderu responds by asking what might happen if she disappeared from the island.


Volume 22
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