Chapter 206
Chap 206
Chapter Details
Volume: 22
Japanese Title: 特捜班
Translated Title: Tokusō Han
English Title: Special Investigation Unit
Released (Japan): October 17, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Two agents from the Special Investigations Team of the Shadow Organization's Prosecution Office, Kiyoderu Yuugami and Yashiro, arrive at the Yukimura Home in order to question Tokine about her role in the death of the Hidagou Lord, and ask her to come with them.

In Hidagou, Yoshimori and has nearly completed the repairs to the Shinyuuchi. Tokiko Yukimura offers to do the rest, saying he did well enough for a beginner, which upsets Yoshimori. Okuni's subordinate tells Yoshimori that Mamezo has already left. A Shikigami bird arrives from Tokine, explaining the situation at home, and asking them not to worry. Okuni's subordinate is suspicious because the Special Investigations Team should not have reacted so quickly. He suspects that they will charge Tokine not with the god's murder, but with Shinyuuchi hunting. Tokiko is also bothered that they would take Tokine away without first obtaining her permission, as head of the family. Yoshimori blames himself for Tokine's trouble, but Tokiko gives him strict instruction not to do anything thoughtlessly.

Okuni's subordinate uses his Flying Shikigami to transport himself, Yoshimori, and Tokiko to the Yukimura Home, where Sen Kagemiya greets them. Sen explains that Tokine was already gone by the time he found out. Sen is concerned because although Tokine wasn't treated as a criminal, the Special Investigations Team is supposed to be made up of elites who might handle things harshly. He secretly suspects that this is the calamity that Saki's prophecy warned about, though is confused that the damage done to the school was different from her vision. Sen wonders why Yoshimori hasn't asked where the Prosecution Office is yet, and Yoshimori is worried he would only make things worse for Tokine. Sen forces him to admit that he really does want to go, and Yoshimori, recalling Tokiko's advice to depend on others, asks Sen to help him. Sen tells Yoshimori to give him some time to prepare first.

Meanwhile, the Special Investigations Team has placed Tokine in a cage while they transport her via Kamina, a giant, flying bat-like demon. Yashiro apologizes for this, saying they must follow the rules, which Tokine accepts. Yuugami is rather cold toward Tokine, while Yashiro appears to be trying to smooth things over. Kamina soon nears the Prosecution Office's headquarters, an island known as Guillotine Island.


Volume 22
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