Chapter 205
Chap 205
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 伝授
Translated Title: Denju
English Title: Guidance
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Led by a flying Shikigami, Tokiko Yukimura rushes to where Okuni's subordinate has found Yoshimori and Mamezo. Mamezo describes how the odd Tenketsu was stolen, and Yoshimori blames himself. Tokiko points out that he should be satisfied with having completed his mission without injury. Tokiko notices that Yoshimori was trying to seal the hole with Nenshi, and decides to teach him. However, she quickly becomes frustrated with his inability to follow directions.

Mamezo draws a picture of the odd Tenketsu in the dirt for Okuni's subordinate, and warns him that the next most likely Shinyuuchi to be targeted will be Karasumori. Mamezo also points out that it no longer matters which person is guilty, since all of mankind will suffer the wrath of the gods for the trouble caused by one person.

Yoshimori finally makes some progress, but his Nenshi net begins to break down as he starts to celebrate prematurely. Tokiko advises him to establish the center of his power, just as Mamezo did earlier. She adds that because Yoshimori is still immature, he needs to rely on the intelligence and strength of those around him.

Two strangers fly toward Karasumori on the back of a large demon called Kamina. They are able to do this during the day thanks to Kamina's protective camoflage. In the Yukimura Home's dojo, Tokine hears her mother calling, and rushes outside to find the two strangers and Kamina in the yard. They introduce themselves as members of the Shadow Organization's Prosecution Office, and ask Tokine to come with them and answer questions about the Hidagou Lord's murder.


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