Chapter 204
Chap 204
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 力の中心
Translated Title: Chikara no Chūshin
English Title: The Center of the Power
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


The Shinyuuchi Hunter's attack is strong enough to hurt Yoshimori through his Zekkai armor. The hunter pins Yoshimori to the ground, but avoids damaging the odd Tenketsu that Yoshimori is carrying. Yoshimori asks if he is a Shinyuuchi hunter, but gets no answer. A flying Shikigami belonging to Okuni's subordinate flies overhead as the fight continues, then quickly doubles back. Yoshimori gets pushed back, and realizes he will lose at this rate.

Mamezo wraps his vine around the hunter's feet, and Yoshimori uses a Kekkai to cause a rockslide. However, the hunter effortlessly cuts through the vine and the rocks with his blades, and still manages to catch up with Yoshimori while he tries to escape. The hunter pins Yoshimori to a tree, and Yoshimori notes that he has dead eyes. The hunter creates a huge blade around one hand, preparing to slice through Yoshimori and the three. Mamezo yells that Yoshimori must establish the center of his power, focusing it in one spot. Yoshimori does so, and for the first time his Zekkai begins to take on a spherical shape similar to Masamori's. However, as the Zekkai continues to form, it destroys the hunter's blade, and Yoshimori realizes it will also destroy his arm. Unwilling to do this, he cancels the Zekkai. Unfortunately, this allows the hunter to grab the odd Tenketsu and escape. Moments later, Okuni's subordinate arrives, carried by a flying Shikigami. As the hunter flees, he wonders why Yoshimori held back.


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