Chapter 203
Chap 203
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 崩壊
Translated Title: Hōkai
English Title: Destruction
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Standing on the defeated Yamiankou, Mamezo notices that the damage done by the creature has only worsened the odds of dimension's eventual collapse. The ground begins to cave in, forcing Yoshimori and Mamezo to run as Yamiankou's body is swallowed up.

Tokiko Yukimura is also able to see the collapse from outside, and warns Okuni's subordinate to step further away from the hole. She admits she will have to seal the hole that Yoshimori and Mamezo used, meaning they will have to find another way out.

Yoshimori begins to feel fatigued, but Mamezo urges him onward, since the collapse is speeding up. The ground breaks apart around them, leaving them stranded on an island. Mamezou extends his vice so they can go back the way they came in. The ground breaks apart again, and while Yoshimori is saving Mamezo from falling in, he spots a hole and dives into it, dragging Mamezo with him. Yoshimori thinks he sees a human shadow just before they emerge. As Yoshimori begins to seal up the hole behind them, he is attacked by a masked stranger, who is able to slash through both Mamezo's defense and Yoshimori's Kekkai. Mamezo points out that the attacker is after the odd Tenketsu that Yoshimori picked up earlier, and Yoshimori realizes he must be one of the Shinyuuchi hunters. The masked man approaches with a glowing blade around his hand.


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