Chapter 202
Chap 202
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 狙い
Translated Title: Nerai
English Title: Target
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)



Yoshimori continues using Kekkai against the Ayakashi Yamiankou, but they are all destroyed before they can prove useful. Yoshimori is unable to escape its grasp until Mamezo tears the creature's tentacle away from Yoshimori with his vine. Yoshimori and Mamezo run away, dodging tentacles the entire time. Mamezo realizes that Yamiankou is not targeting Yoshimori, but the odd Tenketsu that he found earlier, and warns that Yoshimori must not let the creature have it. With no ideas, Yoshimori asks Mamezo how to defeat Yamiankou. Mamezo suggests that Yamiankou is only able to survive in the environment because of the layer of fluid around its body, and that it would become vulnerable if pierced.

Yoshimori leads Yamiankou across a bridge, grabbing a wooden post from it along the way. He tricks Yamiankou into attacking, and it charges headfirst into a rock wall. Mamezo lifts Yoshimori high into the air, and Yoshimori surrounds himself with a Zekkai and drives the post into Yamiankou's back. Mamezo spots a manmade ring on the Ayakashi's tail, suggesting that it was being used by humans to retrieve the odd Tenketsu. Yoshimori realizes the odd Tenketsu must belong to the Shinyuuchi hunters. Mamezo notes that the shape is different from a Kekkaishi's Tenketsu, which proves they are not involved with the Shinyuuchi hunting. They continue their search for the hole in the Shinyuuchi, as the disintegration is getting worse.


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