Chapter 201
Chap 201
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 供養
Translated Title: Kuyō
English Title: Requiem
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)



Mamezo detects an evil presence within the damaged Shinyuuchi, but Yoshimori still insists on venturing inside to repair it. Tokiko Yukimura gives him a chance to back out, since the danger has increased. Yoshimori refuses to change his mind, explaining that he wants to properly return the Hidagou Lord's umbrella, and asks for everyone's support. Mamezo finally says he wants to go in and investigate as well, which convinces Tokiko to allow it. In preparation for the journey, Yoshimori surrounds his body with a thin Kekkai aura to protect against the dimension's eventual collapse. Tokiko warns him that his job is only to prepare the secondary whole, and that if he encounters an enemy, he should abandon the mission and return at once.

Yoshimori and Mamezo enter the dimension, and due to their rough landing, Yoshimori momentarily drops his Kekkai, but the harsh environment reminds him to restore it. They quickly reach a run-down house, which Mamezo identifies as having belonged to the Hidagou Lord. Yoshimori places the umbrella on the porch, and they both offer a prayer. Yoshimori notices that a water wheel behind the house has become stuck, and decides to remove the object jamming it. He finds what greatly resembles a leaf-tipped Tenketsu was the cause. Mamezo determines it to be an otherworldly object with a human smell. Mamezo detects evil approaching and urges Yoshimori to hide behind the house. Mamezo warns that anyone still in the dimension would have great skills and a strong, unique body to withstand the environment. He guesses that it may likely be another ability user. Suddenly, a large eye on a stalk appears next to Yoshimori. More eyes soon appear, and recalling Tokiko's words, Yoshimori runs. A tentacle grabs his arm, and Yoshimori turns to face his opponent, surrounding the large form that he sees beside the house with a Kekkai. However, before he can collapse it, the Kekkai melts away.


Volume 21
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