Chapter 200
Chap 200
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 緋田郷
Translated Title: Hidagō
English Title: Hida Village
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Yoshimori travels to Hidagou with Mamezo.

Earlier that day, Yoshimori was training by lifting a boulder with a long, thin Kekkai when Mamezo interrupted him. Mamezo is disturbed by the situation with Hidagou's god. Yoshimori stresses that Tokine had no choice, but Mamezo insists that a god does not exist to be killed by humans. Yoshimori expresses his desire to return the god's umbrella to its rightful place, and asks Mamezo to guide him.

As they walk along the rice fields of Hidagou, at first Yoshimori sees no sign of destruction, but Mamezo points out that there are wastelands upon closer inspection. Yoshimori suddenly spots Tokiko Yukimura in the middle of repairing the Shinyuuchi with a net-like Kekkai while one of Okuni's subordinates watches. Tokiko calls Yoshimori over, claiming he is being distracting.

The subordinate explains that he asked Tokiko to repair the Shinyuuchi, and Tokiko says it was her responsibility, since someone from her house destroyed the god. Yoshimori offers to help, but Tokiko declines. While she explains the repair process to Mamezo, the Kekkai suddenly bursts open. Tokiko changes her mind, and asks Yoshimori to venture into the damaged dimension and seal up any extra exits. Mamezo is able to detect something within the dimension.


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