Chapter 198
Chap 198
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 決断
Translated Title: ‘’Ketsudan’’
English Title: Making a Decision
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


The Mad God continues to approach Tokine, who is unable to flee. Sen Kagemiya considers their situation: while Tokine is in danger, Yoshimori is distracted, which will endanger the Kekkai protecting the school. However they cannot kill the god, and convincing him to leave is the safest solution.

Tokine raises the god's stolen umbrella and offers to return it if he leaves, asking where he comes from. Instead of answering, the god begins to change again, its appearance becoming more threatening. Yoshimori grabs the umbrella with a Nenshi, yanking it away from Tokine and drawing the god's attention to him. The god moves toward Yoshimori, and Sen offers to take the umbrella so Yoshimori can focus on maintaining the Kekkai. Oddly enough, the god begins to cry tears of blood, demanding that his umbrella be returned.

Sen is shocked when Yoshimori simply holds the umbrella out to the god and apologizes. The god sprays blood in Yoshimori's face, and the pressure on both he and the school immediately increases. Yoshimori is nearly swallowed up by the ground, but manages to save himself with a Kekkai to hang onto. Sen comes to help Yoshimori up, but begins to sink as well. Sen yells at Yoshimori for endangering himself, since he is the Legitimate Successor and is vital to Karasumori's protection. Tokine surround the god with a triple-layer Kekkai. Sen tries to stop her, but Tokine reluctantly destroys the god.


Volume 21
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