Chapter 197
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 学校沈没,
Translated Title: ‘’Gakkō Chinbotsu’’
English Title: The School is Sinking
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Sen Kagemiya explains that as the Mad God's area of influence expands, it will eventually sink the school. Sen notes that there seems to be no reason behind the attack, but because it involves a god, they cannot act recklessly. Tokine notices the god's umbrella starts to spin, and Shu Akitsu reports the same is happening with the giant version above the school as well. This seems to increase the amount and force of the blood rainfall, which in turn begins to sink objects in the area faster.

Yoshimori desperately forms a Kekkai around the entire school, but doing so makes him feel enormous pressure. Tokine explains that when she used Nenshi on the god, every raindrop made her feel as if the weight was increasing. Sen realizes that both the rain and the black area cause the sinking effect independent of each other, so they are even more powerful when combined. Sen asks Tokine to destroy the god's umbrella, since it is likely connected to the larger one and is probably the key to stopping the rain. Tokine destroys the top half of the umbrella, and the giant version takes the same amount of damage, but both quickly regenerate. The god increases the sinking effect as a result, so Tokine snatches away his umbrella with a Nenshi and runs, trying to lure the god away from the area.

Sen is amazed that Tokine would put herself in such danger, but then says that there is no need for Yoshimori to protect her, because it implies that he doesn't believe in her own power. The god begins to follow Tokine, firing blood rain at her. Tokine uses the umbrella to protect herself, but her leg gets splashed and lands on a black area, causing her leg to sink in. She is unable move as the god approaches her. Yoshimori panics, torn between his desire to protect her and the need to avoid causing trouble for his family.


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