Chapter 196
Chap 196
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title:
Translated Title: ‘’Ame’’
English Title: Rain
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Sen Kagemiya strongly suspects that the god that has appeared in Karasumori is the same god of catastrophe mentioned in Saki's prophecy. After hearing this, Yoshimori immediately forms a Kekkai around the god, intending to destroy it. Sen stops him, explaining that killing a god is a serious crime. Yoshimori insists that protecting Karasumori is his duty, which makes this a special circumstance. Sen disagrees, because a great deal of proof would be needed to prove such a thing was necessary, and Yoshimori's family, specifically his mother, is already under suspicion for a related matter. Madarao suggests chasing the god away, which Yoshimori quickly agrees to, but Sen stops him again, since they know nothing about the god's abilities.

Meanwhile, Tokine notices that the land beneath the god's feet has turned black. Without warning, the land sinks into the black space, taking the Kekkai with it, but the god remains. Yoshimori decides to discuss strategy with Tokine, and Sen goes with him to get a closer look, and asks Shu Akitsu to observe the area not yet touched by the god's blood rain. Because they don't know what impact the rain will have on Shu, Yoshimori creates a long, Kekkai roof for him to fly under. While they regroup with Tokine, the god's black area expands. Tokine thinks they should make the god leave before he does anything else. Sen goes to take a look around, but reminds Yoshimori of his earlier warning. The black spaces begin to expand at a faster rate. Yoshimori lifts the god off the ground with a Kekkai, but suddenly finds his arms weighed down by a tremendous force as the Kekkai quickly sinks into the ground again. Tokine wraps a Nenshi around the god in an effort to move him, but is unable to. Sen reports the situation to Masamori Sumimura over his cellphone. Tokine's Nenshi begins to sink as Yoshimori's Kekkai did, dragging her forward. Yoshimori and Hakubi grab onto her, and Tokine lets go so she won't be pulled in. Shu calls Sen and tells him that a giant umbrella has appeared over the school and is releasing the blood rain. Worse, it seems to slowly be getting bigger. Okuni learns from a subordinate in the field that a Shinyuuchi has been confirmed as destroyed. Another subordinate runs in and tells her that the same Shinyuuchi's master has appeared in Karasumori.

Sen confirms with Shu that the god's black spaces have nearly surrounded the entire school. Sen shouts to Yoshimori that if this keeps up, the school may sink next. The moment he says so, the entire school begins to sink.


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