Chapter 195
Chap 195
Chapter Details
Volume: 21
Japanese Title: 降臨
Translated Title: Kōrin
English Title: Descent From the Heavens
Released (Japan): July 11, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Okuni discusses the latest disappearance of another Shinyuuchi, noting that it is near Karasumori. At Karasumori Academy that evening, Yoshimori shares his snacks with Sen Kagemiya and Shu Akitsu on the roof. Sen can't understand why Yoshimori appears so relaxed, considering Saki's prophecy and the recent Shinyuuchi hunting, and asks if they should share with Tokine, who is patrolling the courtyard with Hakubi. Yoshimori tells him not to, since the snacks he shared are actually his baking rejects, and he doesn't want Tokine to taste them. While they are arguing over Sen's odd nickname for Tokine, a mysterious figure appears overhead. Everyone spots it around the same time, and watches as it slowly descends to the ground while holding an umbrella.

Yoshimori confirms that the intruder is not an Ayakashi since they did not detect it, and Tokine assumes that it is not human. Hakubi adds that it isn't a spirit either, but is very powerful despite its small stature, so it may be a god. Madarao agrees, and Sen realizes that it must be a true-born god. He explains that there are two types of gods: powerful Ayakashi who become gods if they stay in a Shinyuuchi long enough, and gods that were born in the Shinyuuchi. Trueborn gods should be pure and without malice. Hakubi notes that such a god normally could not leave its land. The god looks upward, and rain begins to fall. The god begins to release a large amount of malice, and Shu recognizes that the rain is actually blood. Sen suspects that this is the god of calamity that Saki warned them about.

Okuni speaks with her subordinate, who is visiting and investigating damaged Shinyuuchi. Okuni theorizes that a god who lost its land might go on a rampage or trespass in another Shinyuuchi, and fears Karasumori may be in danger.


Volume 21
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