Chapter 194
Chap 194
Chapter Details
Volume: 20
Japanese Title: おいてけぼり
Translated Title: Oitekebori
English Title: Left Behind
Released (Japan): April 18, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Yoshimori tries to catch up with Tokine as they both leave for school the next morning, but Tokine runs ahead because she is still mad at him for leaving her behind, which sends Yoshimori into another fit of depression. Yoshimori sulks on the roof at school. Sen Kagemiya arrives and is disgusted by Yoshimori's appearance. Sen admits he's already forgiven him, but warns him that Tokine will abandon him eventually if he keeps making the same mistake. Sen notes that Yoshimori is like Masamori Sumimura in that they both take on dangerous things alone. Yoshimori asks about Rokurou Ougi's condition, and Sen says that he has been in a small house with Okuni's spellcasters and will likely have to stay there for some time. Sen asks what Yoshimori and Masamori discussed at Okuni's Mansion, which makes Yoshimori realize how odd it was for Masamori to ask for his help.

In a phone call with Sen, Masamori tells him that Yoshimori doesn't like being left out, so Sen should give him information without revealing anything crucial. In an effort to make Yoshimori feel included, Sen invites him to come home with he and Shu Akitsu. They take him to Night Troop Karasumori Branch, which is actually a small apartment in a nearby complex. Yoshimori's first impression is that it seems incredibly normal. They are greeted at the door by Hakota's Mother, who takes care of the housekeeping. Yoshimori is surprised to find Hakota and Kyoichi Hiba staying there as well. Yoshimori also learns that despite how much Sen skips class, he is actually a very intelligent student.

Yoshimori heads home, but is confused when Sen and Shu follow him. Sen reveals that they've been invited to dinner at the Yukimura Home, which shocks Yoshimori since he's only been there once. On the way, Tokine's mother calls Shu's cellphone and asks him to pick up some things for dinner, and Yoshimori is stunned by how close they seem.

Yoshimori plans to get back on Tokine's good side, and gives her a whole cheesecake that he made himself that night. Yoshimori promises he'll change gradually, since others seem capable of it. Madarao thinks that Yoshimori is already changing at an amazing rate. Tokine forgives Yoshimori and likes his cheesecake.


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