Chapter 193
Chap 193
Chapter Details
Volume: 20
Japanese Title: 本気で心配
Translated Title: Honki de Shinpai
English Title: Worry
Released (Japan): April 18, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Outside of Okuni's Mansion, Yoshimori asks Masamori Sumimura what he and Okuni discussed. Masamori avoids the question, asking instead about Mukade, who is resting nearby, worn out from all the flying he's done that day. Yoshimori scolds Masamori for working Mukade too hard, but Masamori says he'll need Mukade to work some more. Two of Okuni's subordinates bring out a large container that is sealed with many talismans and carried by flying Shikigami. Masamori prepares to leave, but Yoshimori reminds him that he promised they would exchange info. Masamori says he is borrowing two spellcasters from Okuni who are especially good at body modification. He hopes they will be able to save Rokurou Ougi. Yoshimori is surprised to learn Rokurou is injured, and Masamori claims that he put Rokurou in a critical state. Masamori adds that Ichirou Ougi escaped, which may cause problems for Yoshimori in the near future, and apologizes for this. Yoshimori can think of nothing he wants to say, and so only tells Masamori not to push himself so hard. One of Okuni's subordinates suggest that he transport Yoshimori home so that the others can go directly to Night Troop Headquarters. Yoshimori agrees to this, and Masamori warns Yoshimori that he may need his help in the future.

On the roof of the Yukimura Home, Sen Kagemiya calls Kei Sazanami in the hopes of discovering where Yoshimori went. Sazanami is purposely vague, only saying that Masamori disappeared around the same time. Just then, Sen shouts out that Yoshimori is back, which brings Tokine and Shu Akitsu running outside. Yoshimori is being flown back by a flying Shikigami. Tokine grabs him with a Nenshi and slams him to the ground, destroying the Shikigami in the process. Toshimori Sumimura runs to warn his father and grandfather that Tokine has tied up Yoshimori. Tokine is furious that Yoshimori left without telling anyone and made them all worry. Noticing that he made her cry, Yoshimori desperately apologizes to her, and to his family later on at dinner. Shuji forgives him, but points out that Sen was really worried, and tells Yoshimori to apologize to Tokine again. Yoshimori decides not to tell them what Masamori was doing, as he doesn't want them to worry.

At a home owned by the Ougi Clan, the Ougi brothers discuss their missed chance at killing Masamori. They agree to abandon Rokurou to his fate because he was the weakest among them. They all laugh at Rokurou's misfortune as they recombine into a large mass of misshapen flesh.

As Yoshimori prepares to leave for his duties, Shigemori reminds him that while they don't like worrying about him, it's fine as long as he is responsible for his actions and remembers his duties to Karasumori.


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