Chapter 191
Chap 191
Chapter Details
Volume: 20
Japanese Title: 肉塊
Translated Title: Nikukai
English Title: Flesh
Released (Japan): April 18, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


To avoid being killed by Masamori Sumimura, Ichirou Ougi undoes a spell on himself and splits his body into several parts, which fly off in different directions. One of the parts launches a wind blade at Masamori as it flees, allowing it and the others to escape in tornado form. Masamori realizes he cannot chase them all down and is furious at the thought of Ichirou getting away. He then notices that the remains of Ichirou's clothing is leaking blood, and a final body part plunges toward the sea. Masamori catches it with a Kekkai, and finds a misshapen pile of flesh. As he watches, the flesh assumes a human shape of a young man. Masamori assumes that this is the true Ichirou Ougi, and the man says he isn't completely wrong: Ichirou's body was composed of six brothers. The young man becomes distraught, realizing that his brothers transferred all their battle damage to him and left him for dead, despite his sacrifices for them. He demands for Masamori to kill him, no longer caring about his own life and knowing he won't survive much longer. Masamori recalls his meeting with Okuni, where she told him that he would only feel more empty after challenging Ichirou. Masamori calls Miki Hatori on his cell phone and tells her to send the Relief Unit.

Yoshimori wakes up in Okuni's Mansion. Worried about Masamori, Yoshimori tries to leave, but becomes lost in the mansion. Yoshimori decides to ask Okuni where Masamori is, so he can confront Masamori and convince him to stop taking on such dangerous tasks alone. Yoshimori encounters Masamori in the mansion, and instantly notices the smell of blood on him.


Volume 20
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