Chapter 190
Chap 190
Chapter Details
Volume: 20
Japanese Title: 巨大竜巻
Translated Title: Kyodai Tatsumaki


English Title: Giant Tornado
Released (Japan): April 18, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Masamori Sumimura looks on in shock as Ichirou Ougi creates a huge tornado around himself to demonstrate the difference in their power. Masamori notices that sea water is being pulled into the tornado, effectively draining the area. He tries to run, but even that proves difficult due to the land being drawn toward the tornado. Masamori finally creates an elongated Kekkai to help him escape and buy some time. He recalls his conversation with Okuni, where she cautioned him that Ichirou was a formidable opponent, and that it was best to resolve the matter with words. She encouraged him to wait until she brought evidence of Ichirou's crimes, but Masamori refused, insisting on handling things himself.

Masamori determines from the flow of power that Ichirou is in the center of the tornado, and that getting drawn in may be the way to defeat him. Recalling the deaths of his subordinates, Masamori renews his determination. Ichirou decides to go on the offensive, destroying the rocks that Masamori was hiding behind. Masamori emerges on an elevator Kekkai, surrounded by his Zekkai. He launches himself into the clouds, rising above the tornado, and then leaps into it, heading directly for Ichirou. Ichirou launches blades of wind, and while Masamori uses Kekkai as stepping stones to dodge around them, he still takes plenty of damage. Attempting to stop him for good, Ichirou launches a massive wind blade that slices Masamori in half, but this reveals him to be a Shikigami. The true Masamori approaches from the bottom of the tornado, impaling Ichirou with two Kekkai spears. Masamori then launches himself at Ichirou, intending to destroy him with his Zekkai. Before he can, Ichirou undoes a spell on himself, sending parts of his body flying in several directions.


Volume 20
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