Chapter 189
Chap 189
Chapter Details
Volume: 20
Japanese Title: 正守対扇
Translated Title: Masamori Tsui Ōgi
English Title: Masamori vs. the Ogis
Released (Japan): April 18, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Masamori Sumimura confronts Ichirou Ougi, but first questions why Ichirou hates him. Ichirou launches blades of wind at Masamori's Zekkai, saying that Masamori doesn't know his place. He claims that Masamori is entirely too arrogant, especially if he hopes to stand against the Ougi Clan. Masamori is surprised that Ichirou feels so strongly about his clan, since he is not a Legitimate Successor. He suggests that Ichirou's big body hides his narrow mind. Ichirou's subordinates arrive and surround Masamori, who suggests that they not get involved. Ichirou's subordinates attack, but Masamori's Zekkai prevents them from harming him. He warns that they will all be destroyed if they insist on attacking him. Ichirou uses the distraction to launch more wind blades, uncaring that his subordinates would be hit. Masamori runs away, but many subordinates are crushed as the damaged ground collapses on top of them. Masamori is shocked that Ichirou would treat his own men that way, though Ichirou thinks nothing of sacrificing them, and instead says Masamori is weak for thinking differently.

Masamori charges at Ichirou with a Zekkai, but Ichirou's wind blades easily reach him through it, forcing him to fall back. Ichirou says he has researched the Zekkai and found the weak point: it is useless against an opponent like him, who can stay beyond and attack outside of its reach. Ichirou uses wind to pick up boulders and hurl them at Masamori. Masamori hides behind rocks, but emerges long enough to destroy Ichirou's left foot with a Kekkai. Masamori realizes that he cannot win a long battle against Ichirou: Ichirou's attacks are too strong and cause damage to a wide area, yet he shows no sign of tiring. Masamori, on the other hand, has been greatly damaged and is running low on power. Even worse, Zekkai is not able to protect him as well as it normally does, and he worries that five more direct blows might kill him. Masamori's attention is suddenly drawn by the appearance of a gigantic tornado that stretches from sky to sea.


Volume 20
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