Chapter 188
Chap 188
Chapter Details
Volume: 20
Japanese Title: 兄の望み
Translated Title: Ani no Nozomi
English Title: Elder Brother's Wish
Released (Japan): April 18, 200
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Yoshimori grabs Okuni, trying to force Masamori's location out of her, while her subordinate tries to separate them. Okuni suddenly explodes, revealing herself to have been a Shikigami. The true Okuni appears in an eye-shaped portal, and she tells Yoshimori he must first cooperate with her. She shows him a Shinyuuchi simulation that she designed, where a tree acts as the land and a lizard acts as the master. Okuni's subordinate explains that they want to discover what happens when a Shinyuuchi's god is killed. They ask Yoshimori to sit under the tree and let them handle the rest, but he refuses, being more concerned about Masamori. Okuni admits she has people observing Masamori at the moment, but tells Yoshimori it would be better for him not to go, since a Legitimate Heir's presence might change a personal conflict into a family conflict. She reminds him that family struggles could be potentially endless. Yoshimori still refuses, but Okuni tells him that Masamori does not want him there. Yoshimori insists because Masamori is doing dangerous things for his sake, but Okuni argues that Masamori feels personally responsible. Yoshimori hates the idea of Masamori living like a shadow and wants to help him in any way he can. Okuni says that Yoshimori is too pure, and so he cannot do the kind of dirty work that Masamori takes on. She decides that Yoshimori isn't ready to bargain with her, and orders Yoshimori to be locked up, reasoning that Masamori would agree with it in order to keep Yoshimori from getting involved. Okuni's subordinates surround Yoshimori and trap him within a column of light.

At Ichirou Ougi's house, Masamori tells Ichirou about a rumor that Ichirou's branch of the Ougi Clan watches over several Shinyuuchi, and that one of them is collapsing, possibly as an experiment of Ichirou's own design. Ichirou asks why Masamori didn't report this to the Shadow Organization, and Masamori accuses the Ougi Clan of blocking the inspection. Masamori wonders aloud if the Ougi Clan is behind the Shinyuuchi huntings. Masamori orders Ichirou to stop causing meaningless conflicts, which Ichirou denies. Masamori then lists these conflicts in detail: Ichirou's involvement with Kokuboro, his withholding information on the Kakushino Twins, causing the death of the Bear Deity, and framing the Sumimura Family as being involved in Shinyuuchi hunting. As a final insult, Masamori offers to clean up Ichirou's most recent mess. Ichirou explodes in anger, totally destroying the house around them with a massive wind burst. Masamori emerges with his Zekkai protecting him, and prepares to face Ichirou in a battle to the death.


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