Chapter 185
Chap 185
Chapter Details
Volume: 20
Japanese Title: 風の謀略
Translated Title: Kaze no Bōryaku
English Title: Conspiracy of Wind
Released (Japan): April 18, 2008
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Gorou Ougi and a subordinate fly through the sky with the unconscious Bear Deity, which is bound with many talismans. As they travel, the god wakes up and begins to struggle. The subordinate has second thoughts about what they're doing. Gorou notices that the forest is making noise in reaction to its master's pain.

Yukimasa and his team also notice the noise. Without warning, the Bear Deity suddenly crashes to the ground in front of them. The team prepares to fight, but Yukimasa recognizes that the creature is probably god-class and out of their league. The god prepares to attack. In the sky, Gorou plans to make it look as if Yukimasa's team killed the god.

Yukimasa orders his team to run while he holds off the bear. Suddenly, the bear is impaled from behind by a tentacle. As it falls, another god-class creature appears, shocking both Yukimasa's team and Gorou. Gorou attacks the creature driving it towards Yukimasa's team and forcing them into battle.

Mukade arrives later to pick up the team, and is shocked to find Yukimasa covered in blood, carrying Dai Yaegashi on his back. They are the only survivors.

At Night Troop Headquarters, Masamori Sumimura stands over the three coffins of the fallen members of Yukimasa's team. Yukimasa apologizes for his failure, and Masamori tells him that Dai should recover soon. Masamori says the forest has been sealed off, but they still don't know where the second creature came from, and another office has taken over the investigation. Masamori commends Yukimasa for surviving and defeating the creatures. Yukimasa corrects him, saying that there were wounds on the second creature that he didn't inflict, and that the forest seemed strangely windy even though they were so deep in the forest.

Sen Kagemiya watches Yoshimori from the roof of Karasumori Academy while on the phone with Masamori. Sen says Yoshimori was angry about Sumiko Sumimura being accused, but appears to have calmed down. Sen asks about the conditions at Mashiroko Lake, thinking it might have some connection to the prediction of Karasumori's destruction.

Masamori then calls Kei Sazanami and urges him to speed up his investigation, telling him that the Ougi Clan is most likely responsible for the three men they just lost. Sazanami says he was approached by Okuni's subordinates and offered an exchange of information. However, the information they desire is details on Kekkaishi abilities, especially Masamori's mother. Sazanami understands why Masamori is hesitant, but notes that Okuni prefers to remain neutral and likely could answer any questions they had. Masamori tells Sazanami to set up the exchange.


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