Chapter 177: Psychic Saki
Chap 177
Kanji 巫女サキ
Rōmaji Miko Saki
English Psychic Saki
Other Information
Volume Volume 19
Release Date January 12, 2008
Episode None
Cover Characters Saki

Psychic Saki (巫女サキ, Miko Saki) is the 177th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Saki is stunned by the arrival of Yoshimori and Tokine, who she recognizes from her vision of Karasumori's destruction. After hearing Saki's prophecy, Yoshimori doesn't believe her. Tokiko Yukimura also has doubts, and asks Saki to reveal more about her identity. Saki insists that she can't answer, explaining that doing so without permission from her master might result in punishment, and that the matter is related directly to her master's life. Tokiko still doubts her intentions, but Saki is under orders to return to her master. As a compromise, Saki summons a butterfly Ayakashi and has it cut off part of her hair. For a shrine maiden such as her, this act lowers her spiritual power, and she offers her hair in place of her life, so that she might be released.

Tokiko finally allows Saki to leave, not liking the idea of picking on someone so weak. While she does not fully believe Saki's prophecy, she admits that her uneasiness has increased. Yoshimori and Tokine return to school, but Sen Kagemiya follows Saki secretly, deciding to read her mind with his power. He is shocked by her vision of Karasumori's destruction. At home, Yoshimori thinks about the prophecy, and renews his determination to train and seal Karasumori so that no one will be hurt by it. Meanwhile, Tokine is determined to grow strong enough to stop Yoshiori from losing control, realizing that he goes so far mainly to protect her.

In a phone call to Kei Sazanami, Sen suggests that both Tokiko and Yoshimori have recieved Karasumori's favor, which makes them more powerful while at the site, but that temperament does not seem to influence who becomes a Legitimate Successor. Sazanami suggests that Sen focus on what is the same for all of them, rather than what is different. Sen shares his concern about Saki's vision, unintentionally admitting in the process that he broke the rule about not using mind-reading on ability users. Sazanami tells Sen not to tell anyone about the vision, figuring that Saki didn't share it because the people involved might become unpredictable if they knew. In the meantime, he offers to look into the matter himself.

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