Chapter 176: Prophecy
Chap 176
Kanji 予言
Rōmaji Yogen
English Prophecy
Other Information
Volume Volume 19
Release Date January 12, 2008
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Tokine Yukimura; Tokiko Yukimura; Shigemori Sumimura

Prophecy (予言, Yogen) is the 176th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Shigemori Sumimura has Shikigami birds bring him his Tenketsu so he can collect the remaining fragments of the butterfly Ayakashi. He and Tokine are noticeably exhausted from their efforts, though Yoshimori and Tokiko Yukimura are not. Sen Kagemiya notes that Tokiko was forced to handle things in such a rushed, risky way because of Yoshimori, whose power seems limitless while in Karasumori.

Yoshimori returns to school to make sure things are okay there. Shigemori is annoyed with him because the matter is still unresolved: because the Ayakashi were crafted by human hands, they need to seek out the ability user responsible. Tokiko's Shikigami bird finds Saki passed out on the ground, and returns to inform its master. The three remaining Kekkaishi decide to split up and search the area. Yoshimori arrives at his class, but only manages to interrupt Mr. Kurosu, who yells at him for being late and disruptive. Yurina Kanda is pleased that Yoshimori managed to protect everyone.

Tokiko heads straight for where Saki collapsed, having already known where she was thanks to her Shikigami. Shigemori is close behind, annoyed that Tokiko is still trying to handle things by herself. Saki wakes up after being enclosed in a Kekkai, and Tokiko asks her to explain her actions. Saki immediately apologizes, explaining that her butterfly Ayakashi were only meant for communication and possess no self defense instincts. Saki says that her master commanded her to deliver a warning to Karasumori, in the form of a prophecy: "Have fear. A god of calamity swathed in blood will descend upon this land." Saki is unable to provide details on the prophecy or her master, but insists that she intended no harm. She adds that she had actually visited several other Shinyuuchi with a similar message, with Karasumori being the last. Saki's master predicted that both the Shinyuuchi and the Shadow Organization would suffer serious accidents, resulting in much bloodshed. Before Saki can finish, Yoshimori and Tokine arrive. Saki instantly recognizes them from her vision of Karasumori's future. Yoshimori demands answers from Saki, but Tokine holds him back. Tokine says she brought Yoshimori because she wanted the four Kekkaishi to be able to work together. Saki inwardly questions if there was a special purpose in her coming to Karasumori last, since she had a vision while there.

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