Chapter 173: Four Kekkaishi
Chap 173
Kanji 集結
Rōmaji Shūketsu
English Four Kekkaishi
Other Information
Volume Volume 18
Release Date October 17, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters None

Four Kekkaishi (集結, Shūketsu) is the 173rd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori warns Tokiko Yukimura not to get in his way, and explains his plan to encase the entire school in a Kekkai that destroys only the Ayakashi. Tokiko replies that if she thought he could actually do that, she wouldn't have stopped him. She stresses that there will be no second chance if he makes a mistake, and Yoshimori insists that he won't know what he can do unless he tries. To prove her point, Tokiko creates a Shikigami clone of Tokine, and challenges Yoshimori to create a Kekkai around both Tokine and the clone that will only destroy the clone. Sen is shocked that both Tokiko and Yoshimori would put Tokine at risk. Yoshimori tries, but in the end cannot bring himself to endanger Tokine. Tokiko shocks everyone by completing the challenge herself, safely destroying the clone. Tokiko points out that if Yoshimori cannot even do that much, there is no way he could successfully carry out his plan. However, she admits it is basically a good idea, and that she will do it in his place. Shigemori Sumimura interrupts, telling Tokiko not to make such decision on her own.

Inside the school, Shu Akitsu overhears students discussing the many students that are ill, and realizes he cannot stop so many butterflies on his own.

Shigemori refuses to let Tokiko attempt her plan, since trying to surround the whole school might send her into a rampage. He explains how as a young girl, Tokiko would sometimes lose control, make several time-space holes and vanish into one, which would force him to clean up her mess. Both refuse to back down, and Shigemori finally suggests that all four Kekkaishi work together to form the Kekkai. Tokine explains that it would lighten the load on each of them, and be much easier to move the trapped Ayakashi away safely. Tokiko is against the idea because they have never practiced it, and Shigemori insists that it will be fine if she leads the process. He also points out that their connections will never improve if she always works alone. Yoshimori agrees to try if it will save everyone, and Tokiko reluctantly gives in. Sen is stunned by the idea of the four Legitimate Successors working together.

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