Chapter 172: Panic
Chap 172
Kanji 恐慌
Rōmaji Kyōkō
English Panic
Other Information
Volume Volume 18
Release Date October 17, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Saki

Panic (恐慌, Kyōkō) is the 172nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


The mysterious girl tries to recall her butterflies, but is shocked when they don't listen. She remarks that nothing like this happenred at the other Shinyuuchi. The butterflies continue to appear all over the school. Shigemori Sumimura collects some of the butterflies with Tenketsu, but there are so many that it makes no difference.

Yoshimori and Sen Kagemiya continue destroying butterflies inside the school. Yurina Kanda approaches him, afraid of the butterflies, and Yoshimori reassures her. Some students near the butterflies suddenly begin to feel ill. Tokine finally hears the message the butterflies have been repeating, and wonders if it is a threat. Suddenly, a girl nearby (who has a butterfly on her head) begins to repeat the message out loud, alarming Tokine. The girl then collapses, and Tokine rushes to get her grandmother. Yoshimori wonders if the butterflies have a leader in a nest somewhere, and regrets that Madarao isn't there to track for him. He then remembers that Sen is a tracker and asks him to track the nest. Sen is reluctant to use his abilities around the Kekkaishi, but knows it will look suspicious if he refuses. As Sen begins tracking, both Shigemori and Tokine sense his aura. Sen is unable to track a leader because all the butterflies have the exact same level of power. He guesses that they reproduce by dividing. Shu calls Sen's phone and tells them that some students are now able to see and hear the butterflies, and some have begun to feel ill or faint. Sen realizes the butterflies are all slowly evolving.

The butterflies quickly develop the ability to cut people. Yoshimori plans to surround the entire school with a Kekkai and manipulate it so that it only destroys the butterflies. Tokine appears and tells him not to. Yoshimori ignores her and creates the Kekkai. Tokine insists that he isn't skilled enough, and Yoshimori replies that there isn't time to evacuate. Yoshimori is desperate to save the people, but before he can proceed, Tokiko arrives and uses Sekkai to cancel Yoshimori's Kekkai.

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