Chapter 169: Sen Kagemiya
Chap 169
Kanji 影宮閃
Rōmaji Kagemiya Sen
English Sen Kagemiya
Other Information
Volume Volume 18
Release Date October 17, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Tokine Yukimura; Sen Kagemiya; Madarao; Hakubi

Sen Kagemiya (影宮閃, Kagemiya Sen) is the 169th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Masamori shares his research on Karasumori's Legitimate Successors with Sen Kagemiya. Masamori says that Legitimate Successors rarely ever die while at Karasumori, and that even among them, there is in inequality of power: Tokiko was the strongest in her generation, and Yoshimori appears to be the strongest in his. Masamori asks Sen to study the conditions for becoming a Legitimate Successor, and any changes in them that may overlap with changes in Karasumori. Sen guesses that this is only the first part of what Masamori wants him to do, but Masamori himself seems uncertain about the rest.

The next day at school, Yoshimori is surprised by how popular Sen is with the other students. Hiromu Tabata has so far been unsuccessful in gathering any important data on Sen, which he finds suspicious. Hiromu wonders if this is true of all transfer students, as it also applied to Gen Shishio, even though he is nothing like Sen. Yoshimori disagrees and thinks they are similar, and Tomonori admits that they both seem popular with girls.

Later, Yoshimori goes to school roof, only to find Sen resting there. Sen invites him to join, and Yoshimori comments on how sociable Sen has been. Sen admits its an act to help him fit in, and that he isn't here to have fun. Sen leaves feeling frustrated with Yoshimori, annoyed that Yoshimori doesn't seem suspicious of him. Sen is then approached by two girls from his class. He recalls his lessons with Kei Sazanami, who advised him to only use mind-reading on normal people, and then only briefly, since his power tends to show in his eyes. He also suggested using conversation to help bring key thoughts to the forefront, making them easier to read. Sen asks the girls about Yoshimori, and they begin to discuss him.

That night, Yoshimori and Tokine pursue an Ayakashi at Karasumori, while Sen and Shu Akitsu observe from a rooftop. Sen tells Shu to take over, and leaves to call Sazanami. Sen describes what an irritating target Yoshimori is to follow around, and that he doesn't feel motivated to complete the job. Sazanami advises him not to give up so soon, and to get rid of his guilty conscience so he can complete the job. Sen agrees to try, and asks that Sazanami continues to guide him.

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