Chapter 161: Imperfection
Chap 161
Kanji 矯正
Rōmaji Kyōsei
English Imperfection
Other Information
Volume Volume 17
Release Date July 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Mudou

Imperfection (矯正, Kyōsei) is the 161st chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Mudou announces his plan to Masamori: to return to the moment of his birth, and relive his life without flaws, thus obtaining perfection. Masamori becomes furious that Mudou sacrificed young recruits who believed in him for what he considers a useless purpose. Mudou disagrees and says that teaching young men showed him that it was impossible for humans to obtain perfection, because no matter how many of their lives he stole, they would still prove meaningless. However, a Shinyuuchi is a different matter, because despite the master's weakness, his life would still be worth stealing, and this was something a mere human could not do. Mudou enlarges one of his flying balls, then flattens it into a disc, and throws it at Masamori, slicing through his Zekkai and causing it to fail. Masamori backs away, and Mudou throws more discs at Masamori, admitting that he no longer has any interest in stealing human lives, and that he will not hold back. Masamori dodges and reactivates his Zekkai, and Mudou follows. Mudou points that out because Masamori admired him, he also sympathized and feared he would go down the same path as Mudou. Masamori ignores this and attacks with several Kekkai Spears, but Mudou destroys them all. Mudou throws discs again, this time cutting into Masamori's shoulder. Masamori is clearly being overwhelmed, inwardly admitting he never expected Mudou to steal the land's power.

Yoshimori watches in concern as Masamori's Zekkai falls again, and Mudou is impressed because it prevented Masamori from being fatally wounded. Yoshimori is shocked because he has never seen Masamori in such a weakened state. Mudou suddenly begins throwing discs at Yoshimori and Lord Tan'yuu. Yoshimori blocks the damage with a Kekkai, but it is easily destroyed. Masamori throws himself between Mudou and the pair, but soon falls to one knee. Masamori orders Yoshimori to take Tan'yuu and run. Yoshimori refuses to leave him, and they begin to argue. Yoshimori finally says that if Masamori is going act like that, he should just go ahead and defeat Mudou. Mudou is amused and offers Masamori a choice: he can choose whether he or Yoshimori will live.

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