Chapter 156: Deity Tan-Yu
Kanji 淡幽
Rōmaji Tan'yū
English Deity Tan-Yu
Other Information
Volume Volume 17
Release Date July 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Lord Tan'yuu

Deity Tan-Yu (淡幽, Tan'yū) is the 156th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori is held captive by a mysterious man in white, who says he needs Yoshimori's body so he can go outside for a while. Assuming this is the person that Masamori is after, Yoshimori activates his Zekkai armor, forcing the man to let him go. The man is confused and runs away in frustration. Yoshimori runs after him but loses sight of him. While wandering through the forest, Yoshimori meets Masamori, but immediately notices he is behaving strangely. Yoshimori activates his Zekkai armor again, forcing Masamori away and revealing him to actually be the same man in white. The man demands to know how Yoshimori recognized him, since he used an illusion of a person Yoshimori would want to see, behaving in a way he would want to see. Yoshimori points out that Masamori would never be so affectionate with him. The man tries to negotiate, offering to grant any wish that Yoshimori has in exchange for his body, but Yoshimori realizes it would only be another illusion. The man begins to cry in frustration, making Yoshimori wonder why Masamori would be after him. They are soon interrupted by a smaller person, who ignores Yoshimori and begs the man, Lord Tan'yuu, to flee before "he" finds them. In the conversation, the person reveals that Tan'yuu is the god of the land as well as "his" target. Tan'yuu is concerned about dawn approaching, and says he won't last without a host.

Masamori begins to search outside of the lakehouse and summons Kurohime, both because of Kurohime's detection ability, and because he's sure his target will notice her. Kurohime is suddenly destroyed by a flying ball, and Masamori follows it to an open field, where he finds his target: a man wearing a coat and checkered scarf, surrounded by several more flying balls. Masamori warns him that killing the inhabitants will have a negative impact on the land and make it ill-suited for a hiding place, but the man implies he is after something else. The man is revealed to be Mudou, the person that Masamori replaced on the Council of Twelve, and someone that Masamori had admired in the past.

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