Chapter 155: Abyss
Rōmaji Fuchi
English Abyss
Other Information
Volume Volume 17
Release Date July 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura

Abyss (淵, Fuchi) is the 155th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori tries to follow Masamori by making Kekkai in mid-air, but is startled when his cellphone rings. Masamori tells Yoshimori that he'll be out of range for about two hours, and reminds him to stay at his post. Yoshimori asks what's in the shrine, but Masamori only says it's his prey. He adds that if sunrise comes and he hasn't returned, he may need Yoshimori's voice to call him back from the depths. Yoshimori is frustrated, but notes that Masamori rarely every asks him to do anything so seriously.

At the black shrine, Masamori finds that the lock on the inner shrine is destroyed, and finds a mirror inside. He reaches into the mirror, which turns out to be a portal. Masamori calls out to the land's master and requests permission to pursue a man who has recently entered, stating that he wants nothing more than that.

Yoshimori tries to call Masamori back, but the number cannot be reached. Growing bored, Yoshimori wanders around, and finds a pool of water near the white shrine. Suddenly Masamori's hand emerges from the pool. Yoshimori reaches for it, but as he grabs it, realizes that it isn't a human hand. The hand pulls Yoshimori into the pool.

Inside the Shinyuuchi, Masamori enters through a long tunnel of gates, and sees a mansion overlooking a lake. He senses familiar demonic power all over the place, and finds the inhabitants all slaughtered.

Yoshimori wakes up to find a mysterious man standing over him. He grabs Yoshimori by the neck and says that he will take his body.

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