Chapter 154: A Phone Call from Masamori
Chap 154
Kanji 兄の電話
Rōmaji Ani no Denwa
English A Phone Call from Masamori
Other Information
Volume Volume 16
Release Date April 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Masamori Sumimura

A Phone Call from Masamori (兄の電話, Ani no Denwa) is the 154th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Mr. Kurosu bids farewell to his class as they begin their spring holiday, after which they'll enter their second year of middle school. Yoshimori is especially happy and rushes home with plans to sleep in the whole time, but instead is greeted by his father at home, who is on the phone with Masamori Sumimura. Masamori asks Yoshimori to help him with something. Yoshimori is of course reluctant, until Masamori adds that it is work related to a Shinyuuchi and scheduled for that night.

Despite having agreed, Yoshimori is in a bad mood that night at Karasumori. Tokine assures him she can handle things there since it seems to be a quiet night with no Ayakashi turning up. She can't understand why the two brothers don't get along, and Yoshimori claims that even if he tried, Masamori wouldn't let him. Masamori appears suddenly, and Tokine inwardly notes that he seems different. Yoshimori suddenly becomes nervous and tries to change his mind, saying he thinks something might happen at Karasumori. Masamori says their grandfather will help out if anything happens, and boosts them into the air with a Kekkai, where Mukade is waiting on one of his shadow bugs. Along the way, Masamori asks about their mother and Karasumori's state, and Yoshimori realizes he is well-informed despite not being around. Masamori warns Yoshimori that Karasumori is not on their side as he may think, and that it is a monster.

Their destination is a shrine on the rooftop of a building in a crowded city. Masamori explains that there are actually two shrines, and they each serve as an entrance to the Shinyuuchi. Masamori tells Yoshimori to guard the white shrine, and make sure that nothing escapes. Masamori provides no other information much to Yoshimori's annoyance, but leaves him a cellphone to stay in touch and warns him not to enter the shrine, adding that they can't have the Legitimate Successor dying. With those cryptic words, Masamori leaves, ignoring Yoshimori's protests.

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