Chapter 153: The Guilty Party
Chap 153
Kanji 犯人
Rōmaji Han'nin
English The Guilty Party
Other Information
Volume Volume 16
Release Date April 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Dragon Deity

The Guilty Party (犯人, Han'nin) is the 153rd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


The Dragon Deity continues to rampage in Karasumori Academy, shouting that it will never forgive. Yoshimori becomes furious, and addressing the culprit, he wishes that they would have more consideration for others as he launches the dragon into the sky by creating an enormous Kekkai beneath it. Tokine, Hakubi, and Madarao are all shocked, and Tokine inwardly notes that Yoshimori's power has really increased, and wonders if Karasumori is responsible. Yoshimori boosts himself into the air using a Kekkai, calling his mother an idiot as he goes. Tokine realizes this means that Sumiko Sumimura is the one who moved the dragon, and Hakubi agrees that it sounds plausible. Tokine notes that before, Hakubi said Karasumori felt as if it were suffering from a stress build-up, but since the dragon has been evacuated, that feeling is gone.

In the sky, the dragon angrily confronts Sumiko, stating it will never forgive her for toying with it. Sumiko calmly tells the dragon to relax, since it's wounds have healed. She explains that she wanted the dragon to play with Karasumori for a while so the land could blow off some steam. Sumiko thanks the dragon, and notes that the land will last a little longer now. The dragon attacks her with multiple streams of water, but her Kekkai blocks them long enough for her to escape before it is crushed. Sumiko appears on the dragon's head, noting that its spiritual power has improved, but that it is still no match for someone who can bend space, especially when she had so much time to prepare. She binds the dragon's mouth with Nenshi, and promises to return it to its lake. Yoshimori calls out to his mother and tries to reach her, but powerful winds keep him from reaching her, causing Sumiko to state that he still has a ways to go as she leaves with the dragon.

Later, as Tokine and Yoshimori clean up the site with their Shikigami, Yoshimori is still angry at his mother for causing so much trouble. Tokine suggests that Sumiko may have some sort of plan, and Yoshimori replies that even if she did, it wouldn't make sense to them. Tokine gets the impression that Sumiko knows something and that she is far beyond their level, as she seemed to know Karasumori's status even though she was wandering the world. Tokine tries to comfort Yoshimori, but finds out in the process that the real reason he's upset is because he didn't get to see his mother.

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