Chapter 152: Water Dragon
Kanji 水龍
Rōmaji Mizu Ryū
English Water Dragon
Other Information
Volume Volume 16
Release Date April 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Dragon Deity

Water Dragon (水龍, Mizu Ryū) is the 152nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Madarao tells Yoshimori a legend of how the young lord of Karasumori was said to have had a dragon for a playmate. Tokine interrupts them, asking if they should be so calm about the dragon currently occupying Karasumori. Yoshimori angrily demands if she thinks they should destroy it. Tokine points out that the dragon is covered in wounds, so Yoshimori assumes that someone really strong and mean was responsible and offers to get rid of them. The dragon's tail suddenly smacks Yoshimori and sends him flying. Yoshimori catches himself with a Kekkai and demands to know why the dragon hates him. The dragon recognizes the technique, and Madarao warns Yoshimori to be careful, since such a high-level Ayakashi is bound to be very proud.

Tokine introduces herself to the dragon, explains their duty as Kekkaishi and desire to settle the matter peacefully, and requests that the dragon leave as soon as possible. The dragon seems calm enough, but insists that Yoshimori stay away, since it doesn't like him for some reason. Tokine discovers that the dragon didn't choose to come to Karasumori, assures it that its wounds will heal swiftly, but asks it to leave immediately after, since they don't know what impact Karasumori will have on the dragon. The dragon finds this funny, and tells her that it cannot be toyed with by another power.

The dragon focuses on regenerating while Tokine checks for traces of any technique used on it, but only finds marks indicating it had been tied up, indicating that the person who transported it had incredible skill. From the dragon's interest in Kekkai, she assumes that someone with similar abilities is responsible. Yoshimori asks if it could be a prank, but Tokine says that toying with a land-god class Ayakashi is practically suicidal, even though she senses no malice behind the act. Suddenly, water begins to spray out of the dragon's body, damaging the school. Hakubi warns Tokine that if this continues, they won't be able to stop the dragon. Just then, Yoshimori realizes who the culprit must be. Meanwhile, high above the school, a woman dressed in a Sumimura Kekkaishi uniform watches with a smile on her face.

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