Chapter 151: It Fell from the Sky!
Chap 151 color
Kanji 落ちてきた!
Rōmaji Ochitekita!
English It Fell from the Sky!
Other Information
Volume Volume 16
Release Date April 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters None

It Fell from the Sky! (落ちてきた!, Ochitekita!) is the 151st chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


At the bottom of a lake, a creature demands to be released, and erupts from the water, swearing vengeance on its captor. In the Yukimura Home's dojo, Tokiko watches as Tokine attempts to phase through a large kekkai. Tokine succeeds within the set time limit. Tokiko says that Tokine's ability to finely manipulate her power may mean that she has true talent as a phaser. Tokine notes that it would not be useful against Ayakashi, but Tokiko points out that it is helpful against other ability users. She further explains that understanding an opponent's technique may provide insight into their ability, attitude, and way of thinking. Tokiko urges Tokine to continue the training, since she may be forced to fight ability users in the future.

At Karasumori Academy, Yoshimori tries unsuccessfully to call out Karasumori's power, much to Madarao's annoyance. Tokine and Hakubi soon arrive, and Tokine suggests that Yoshimori should focus on other training. She worries that Karasumori is being targeted again, but Yoshimori has no idea what she means. Tokine reminds him that after the incident with the Kakushino Twins, Kyoichi Hiba came to their homes to talk with their grandparents. Yoshimori is frustrated by his inability to understand, and Tokine criticizes him for not listening well. Yoshimori shrugs this off and rededicates himself to protecting Karasumori and solving its mysteries. Madarao notices that the rain clouds are very large, and Yoshimori sees something white falling from them. An enormous dragon crashes to the ground in front of them, and it attacks Yoshimori as soon as it wakes up, saying it will not forgive.

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