Chapter 146: Order
Chap 146
Kanji 秩序
Rōmaji Chitsujo
English Order
Other Information
Volume Volume 16
Release Date April 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Various

Order (秩序, Chitsujo) is the 146th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Okuni blames the Kekkaishi for simply maintaining the status quo for 400 years and allowing the danger of Karasumori to remain unchecked the whole time. She states that she cannot ignore this. Shigemori Sumimura warns her that if she were to make rash judgments without consulting the Kekkaishi, they would have to treat her as an enemy. Okuni responds by laughing and directing the full force of her hostility at the group, overwhelming them. She explains that the only reason the Shadow Organization doesn't control the world is because they only wish to preserve it, and if Karasumori threatens to disturb the order, they will correct it regardless of their wishes. Okuni advises Tokiko and Shigemori to better control their Legitimate Successors and leaves abruptly.

Misao and Akira wander through the forest and reach a cliff. Misao is worried because since she is low on power, she can't get them down safely. Akira complains about being tired, and Misao pleads with him to keep going. At Night Troop Headquarters, Hakota uses his sight power to spot the missing children. Masamori summons Kurohime to help him narrow down the location. Misao and Akira take shelter in a small cave, and Misao reminds Akira not to fall asleep. Misao hears Masamori calling her, and she leads them to Akira, who has fallen asleep out of exhaustion. Masamori notices Misao's legs are covered in scratches, and Misao tearfully falls into Masamori's arms.

Later, Okuni prepares to give her report on Karasumori to the Council of Twelve.

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