Chapter 144: Total Body
Kekkaishi 144 172
Kanji 完全体
Rōmaji Kansen Karada
English Total Body
Other Information
Volume Volume 15
Release Date January 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Kurokabuto

Total Body (完全体, Kansen Karada) is the 144th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori is confused by the appearance of the mysterious white aura of power surrounding he and Kurokabuto. He recognizes the sensation from times in the past when he was flooded with so much power that he lost sight of himself. He realizes it must be Karasumori's power, and wonders why it would surround him, since he thought it only worked on Ayakashi. Yoshimori decides he doesn't care so long as it's helping him and renews his attack on Kurokabuto, now powerful enough to create a gaping hole in its armor. Miki Hatori is amazed by the sudden increase in Yoshimori's power. Yoshimori demands more power, and the aura around him increases. He briefly wonders what would happen if he allowed himself to bask in the power, but it suddenly vanishes. Instead, the aura around Kurokabuto increases, allowing it to regenerate from the damage. Yoshimori cannot understand why the power left him, and Okuni advises him to give up fighting. She proposes blasting Kurokabuto to a remote mountain region with no people, where Shadow Organization forces could deal with it properly. Yoshimori protests, but Okuni explains that while incomplete, Kurokabuto's only instinct was to grow, so while Yoshimori was putting his all into the battle, it was not even trying to fight. However, now that it is complete, it will enter battle mode, and a person like Yoshimori who does not have full control over his power would be in the greatest danger. Okuni then opens a large portal in the sky, and Hatori worries that Karasumori will be judged too out of control for the Kekkaishi to handle.

Shigemori Sumimura, Madarao, and Tokiko Yukimura, still rushing toward Karasumori, are now able to see the massive form of Kurokabuto towering above the skyline. Kurokabuto's eyes suddenly change color, and it summons an energy katana. Okuni worries that she will not have time to complete her plan before it selects a target, and Yoshimori tries to draw its attention. Instead, Kurokabuto unexpectedly plunges its katana into the ground, apparently trying to attack Karasumori. Okuni is startled, assuming that Kurokabuto, as a being of immense power, is seeking to fight an enemy it considers an equal. However, she knows that it was created to destroy humans and human creations, and wonders what this could all mean.

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