Chapter 143: Warp
143 kekkaishi 143 01
Kanji ゆがみ
Rōmaji Yagami
English Warp
Other Information
Volume Volume 15
Release Date January 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Kurokabuto

Warp (ゆがみ, Yagami) is the 143rd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori attacks Kurokabuto again, recalling that both Kaguro and Takeshi Kongo implied that his Kekkai became stronger because of his feelings. With new resolve, Yoshimori attacks Kurokabuto with such force that it falls to the ground. Miki Hatori recalls a conversation with Masamori where he mentioned Yoshimori's habit of suddenly surpassing his own power many times over, and wishes he could do the same.

Yoshimori avoids several frenzied grabs from Kurokabuto, but takes a glancing blow and is sent crashing to the ground, though his Zekkai armor protects him. Okuni watches, somewhat impressed with Yoshimori's power, but concerned that it has not matured as much as Tokine's, who she is observing at the same time through one of her eye-shaped portals.

Meanwhile, Tokine searches for a way to escape the room Reiji Kakushino created around her. Because everything in the dimension in under his control, her Kekkai have proved useless. She reasons that she should be able to use spatial phasing to pass through his creations, but the process is taking longer because the dimension is more difficult to read than the gateway was.

Yoshimori is able to create a crack in Kurokabuto's armor, and Hatori notices a distortion in the air around him.

Tokiko Yukimura and Shigemori Sumimura rush to Karasumori with Madarao. Shigemori asks about Kurokabuto, but Madarao can only say it's power is enormous, barely having any strength left himself. Shigemori worries that if they can't destroy the Ayakashi, they may have to move it outside of Karasumori.

The distortion around Yoshimori continues to grow, impacting everything around him, including Kurokabuto and the schoolgrounds. Okuni decides she can no longer leave things as they are and opens a portal, releasing a column of light that pins Yoshimori to the ground. Okuni explains that she is restraining Yoshimori to keep him from destroying the town, but Yoshimori is furious at her for getting in his way. Okuni decides to use her full strength on him, and Yoshimori worries that Kurokabuto will cause more damage. He manages to break free with a burst of power, and is shocked to see an aura of power seeping up from the land and surrounding him. For some reason, Okuni is unable to see the power, and Yoshimori notices that Karasumori's power is also surrounding Kurokabuto. Okuni notes that Kurokabuto is now complete.




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