Chapter 142: Responsibility
142 kekkaishi 142 136
Kanji 責任
Rōmaji Hako
English Responsibility
Other Information
Volume Volume 15
Release Date January 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura

Responsibility (責任, Sekinin) is the 142nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Okuni recognizes that Ichirou Ougi must be the one behind the simultaneous box attacks, but says he has gone too far. Yoshimori reminds her that she wasn't going to get involved, but Okuni replies that she didn't expect the Kakushino Twins to have something so dangerous in their possession. She explains to he and Miki Hatori that Kurokabuto is an Ayakashi created in ancient times as a tool of war, but recognizes no master and will destroy anything it considers an enemy. Okuni suggests removing Kurokabuto from the site and sealing it elsewhere, because destroying it would prove too difficult. She admits that she is uncertain whether or not she can seal it, causing Yoshimori to immediately shoot down her plan. He asks if it has any weak points, but Okuni insists that it does not: it was created not for battle, but for pure destruction. Yoshimori insists on fighting Kurokabuto, thinking he will come up with a plan along the way, and intending to use the power of Karasumori as a last resort. Hatori admits that she agrees with Okuni's plan, but asks Yoshimori how would use the land's power. Yoshimori tells her that the power seems to appear when someone truly desires or accepts death, and thinks it will do so if he can convince Kurokabuto to desire death, though he has no idea how he will manage it.

Yoshimori destroys a portion of Kurokabuto's still developing body not covered by armor, but is dismayed when it regenerates a large portion immediately. Hakubi suddenly appears, trying to tell Yoshimori that Tokine has vanished into a box, but is grabbed by Kurokabuto. Yoshimori is stunned, but focuses on Kurokabuto as it rises to its feet. Yoshimori again forms and collapses a Kekkai within the armor, but Kurokabuto again regenerates at once. He decides he must destroy it faster than it can grow back, and collapses multiple Kekkai in various parts of the body. Okuni watches as Yoshimori expends more and more power against Kurokabuto, actually making it stagger momentarily, but it refuses to go down. Kurokabuto suddenly attacks, nearly smashing Yoshimori, but Higurashi yanks him away in time. Hatori pleads for Yoshimori to give up, but Yoshimori catches an overhead glimpse of the town, realizes what he must defend, and returns to face Kurokabuto again.

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