Chapter 141: Kurokabuto
Kekkaishi 141 116 117
Kanji 黒兜
Rōmaji Kurokabuto
English Kurokabuto
Other Information
Volume Volume 15
Release Date January 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura; Kurokabuto; Fourth Cardinal Ayakashi

Kurokabuto (黒兜, Kurokabuto) is the 141st chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori watches in shock as an enormous, armored Ayakashi bursts from Karasumori Academy. The Ayakashi eats the smaller one trapped in its hand. Okuni identifies the Ayakashi as Kurokabuto, noting that the means of its creation were sealed away, beacuse of its extreme threat level, and that few people should know about it. The smaller Ayakashi repeatedly regenerates from leftover strands of hair, and Kurokabuto continues to eat it. Miki Hatori notices that Kurokabuto's body is incomplete: only its upper torso, head, and right arm are fully formed.

In his Private Dimension, Reiji Kakushino is shocked that Tokine Yukimura was able to penetrate his gateway, when even his brother could not do so. Tokine surrounds him with a Kekkai, but Reiji uses his inkbrush to open a hole in the Kekkai and escape, then creates a wall between he and Tokine. Reiji places talismans on the wall, and is confident that Tokine is trapped because the dimension is under his control.

At Karasumori, Hatori attacks Kurokabuto with her Black Wing, hoping to destroy it before it can fully regenerate. However, Yoshimori notices that only is the attack ineffective, but that Kurokabuto's armor is evolving. Yoshimori tries to destroy the head with a Kekkai, but Kurokabuto is again unscathed. Kurokabuto tries to grab Higurashi as he flies by, and Higurashi notices that the spot it touched is rotting away. Kurokabuto suddenly grows a left arm and nearly grabs Higurashi again, forcing him to land briefly. Yoshimori notices the walls around Kurokabuto have turned black. Kurokabuto hauls itself out of the school, and Yoshimori realizes that if it lands, it will do so outside of the school, landing on nearby homes. He makes a large Kekkai that knocks Kurokabuto back into the schoolyard, sending it crashing into the school.

Okuni states that Kurokabuto was originally a failed creation, because it ignored orders, searched for enemies, and destroyed indiscriminately. She fears this one would become complete if it remained in Karasumori long enough, destroy everything there, move on, and repeat the process.

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