Chapter 140: Cocoon
Kekkai15 098
Rōmaji Mayu
English Cocoon
Other Information
Volume Volume 15
Release Date January 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters The Accomplice

Cocoon (繭, Mayu) is the 140th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


In a flashback, Reiji Kakushino is approached by a masked man, who asks him to store and safeguard something for him. Reiji says they can arrange a monthly contract, and the price will depend on the product in question. The product turns out to be an artificially created battle-type Ayakashi, made through forbidden techniques. The masked man says he was going to abandon the attempt in the early stages, but the Ayakashi developed faster than he expected. He produces a large cocoon, covered with talismans, and says it shouldn't be difficult to care for, since it would only develop if taken to highly sacred ground.

In the present, Yoshimori is still attacking the Fourth Cardinal Ayakashi, but it continues to avoid his Kekkai with ease. Reiji watches with the school, noting that he was originally only supposed to make sure the inspection didn't go smoothly. However, with the death of his brother, he feels Karasumori's guardians deserve to suffer similar pain. The cocoon is the most dangerous item in his possession, and now that the client has vanished, Reiji decides to use it on Yoshimori as revenge against Masamori.

Tokine and Hakubi watch Reiji from a nearby hallway. Hakubi notes that he has no scent, and Tokine realizes he is responsible for the boxes around Karasumori. Reiji spots them and runs into a classroom. Tokine chases him, but finds the classroom empty. She notices the teacher's desk have been moved, and finds one of Reiji's numbered papers, similar to the one she saw in the box. Recognizing that it must be some kind of gateway, Tokine attempts to use her phasing ability on the paper.

In his private dimension, Reiji is concerned because the paper was close to where he left the cocoon, and he doesn't want it to be discovered too early. He is especially concerned about Tokine, admitting he could not defeat her one-on-one because her abilities are better suited for battle. He removes the paper he came through from the chamber wall, planning to send an Ayakashi through it in hopes that Tokine is still nearby. However, while he is carrying it, Tokine phases through the paper and emerges in front of him.

At the school, Hakubi is worried about Tokine being on her own. Yoshimori is still chasing the Ayakashi, and Miki Hatori does major damage to its body with her Black Wing. The Ayakashi regenerates instantly, but Yoshimori takes the chance to destroy it with a Kekkai. However, hidden hair strands emerge from the ground and school, binding Yoshimori and Higurashi. The Ayakashi regenerates yet again, but a giant arm bursts out of the school and grabs it.

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