Chapter 135: Boxes
Kekkaishi 135 fh02
Rōmaji Hako
English Boxes
Other Information
Volume Volume 15
Release Date January 18, 2007
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura

Boxes (箱, Hako) is the 135th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori and Tokine are surprised by the appearance of a mysterious box at Karasumori while Okuni and her subordinates look on. Madarao confirms that it has no scent, and Okuni says they should be more alert, as the box was already there when she arrived. Yoshimori mistakenly assumes she put it there and destroys the box immediately. Madarao detects something else, and Yoshimori heads up to the school roof to investigate. Just then, Miki Hatori and Higurashi from the Night Troop arrive. Hatori apologizes to Okuni for being late, and explains that Masamori was held up by an emergency, so she has come as his representative. Yoshimori returns holding another box. Alarmed, Hatori tells him to put it down and get away from it at once, as it has the same appearance of the box that caused the crisis at Night Troop Headquarters. Tokine is confused by this reaction, and Okuni explains that they were sent to investigate Karasumori with Masamori as her guide. After confirming that Masamori is dealing with a box crisis as well, Okuni asks Hatori to explain it in detail.

Hatori explains that a strange box was delivered to them, and it quickly swallowed up Misao. Masamori gave orders not to open the box, but it soon opened on its own, releasing Amaarashi, an Ayakashi that controls rain clouds and wind. After being caught, its belly exploded, releasing many smaller demons. In the chaos that followed, Akira went missing. Night Troop members began to find boxes in other places around the headquarters.

After hearing the story, Madarao suspects there are more boxes at Karasumori as well. Okuni decides to solve the mystery of the boxes in addition to her inspection. Hatori is curious to see Okuni in action, as she is rumored to have done everything in her power to stay alive so that she could know everything in the world.

Meanwhile, Misao wakes up bound and gagged in a prison cell. She uses her power to loosen the rope around her body and turns it into an ally, then peeks out of the small window in her cell. She is able to see other cells, and wonders where she is.

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