Chapter 132: Giant Goblin
Chp-kekkai14 114
Kanji 大天狗
Rōmaji Ō-tengu
English Giant Goblin
Other Information
Volume Volume 14
Release Date October 16, 2006
Episode None
Cover Characters Yoshimori Sumimura, Shidou, Kokuunsai

Giant Goblin (大天狗, Ō-tengu) is the 132nd chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori sits in shock as the enormity of Shidou's request fully sinks in: Yoshiori is expected to create a Kekkai that will contain Kokuunsai, the enormous god of Aibasan. Meanwhile, the karasutengu bring Kokuunsai food and drink while he sizes up Yoshimori. Even worse, Kokuunsai is in a bad mood from being made to stay in the castle, and keeps randomly lashing out and destroying parts of the castle with his gigantic limbs. Shidou grabs Yoshimori and flies him out of harm's way, and Yoshimori tells him that the situation is hopeless, there's no way he can succeed. Shidou explains that continuing the bloodline is of the greatest importance, and that the clan has made many sacrifices to keep Kokuunsai in the castle. Shidou reveals that outsiders are forbidden, and that intruders in the castle are normally killed on sight: Yoshimori's only hope is to be classified as a guest by Kokuunsai, so his leaving prematurely would likely upset the violent god. The food and drink were meant to improve Kokuunsai's mood, thus improving Yoshimori's chances.

Kokuunsai eventually labels Yoshimori a guest, and the karasutengu further improve his mood by implying that Yoshimori is a friend who will introduce him to another girl. Yoshimori dislikes this role, but has little choice when Kokuunsai begins questioning him about the girl. Yoshimori unknowingly describes Tokine, and while Kokuunsai seems impressed, he remains fixated on the girl he likes. Kokuunsai eventually gets drunk and passes out. Yoshimori still insists the Kekkai won't be enough, but Shidou assures him that he will have the clan's support. First, they tie Kokuunsai down, and provide Yoshimori with "reimeigan", a secret medicine designed to strengthen the body, erase fatigue, and significantly increase power and concentration. Also, Shidou gives Yoshimori a tengu feather, which will temporarily contain the clan's entire power. Overwhelmed by their dedication and heartfelt pleas, Yoshimori gives in and agrees to try. Yoshimori successfully creates a Kekkai around Kokuunsai.

shidou flies Yoshimori away from the castle at top speed (again passing Shigemori's hiking group along the way). Yoshimori tells him there's no need to rush home, but Shidou informs him that the job is only half done: he also asks Yoshimori to exorcise the girl that Kokuunsai likes, so he will be unable to approach her. Yoshimori doesn't think he can do it, since he knows nothing about exorcising and doesn't have any talismans with him. Yoshimori is startled when he finally sees the girl Kokuunsai likes: she is an attractive 18-year old exchange student from America named Sandy Brackman.

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