Chapter 131: Unwanted Guest
Chap 131
Kanji 迷惑な客
Rōmaji Meiwaku na Kyaku
English Unwanted Guest
Other Information
Volume Volume 14
Release Date October 16, 2006
Episode None
Cover Characters Shidou

Unwanted Guest (迷惑な客, Meiwaku na Kyaku) is the 131st chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Yoshimori returns home from school exhausted one afternoon, but is told by his father and Toshimori that they have a guest. Upon discovering that the guest is a bird-like demon seeking a Kekkaishi, Yoshimori wants nothing to do with it. Toshimori reminds him that with their grandfather away, Yoshimori is the only Kekkaishi in the house, so he reluctantly meets with the demon. Yoshimori initially refuses the demon's request, but becomes intrigued when he realizes that it is extremely rare to encounter a demon able to move freely during the day. The demon introduces himself as Shidou, a karasutengu and servant of Kokuunsai, the god of Aibasan, a mountain Shinyuuchi. He asks Yoshimori to assist him in preserving his master's bloodline. The problem is that Kokuunsai is a pervert that spends all of his time following a certain human woman. Shidou wants Yoshimori to contain Kokuunsai in his mountain home with a Kekkai, forcing him to continue the bloodline (tengu essentially reproduce by dividing their bodies, so there is no need for a mate). Yoshimori agrees to help, but only if he can ask Kokuunsai about Karasumori. Shidou agrees, but warns him that the conversation may prove both difficult and dangerous, so Yoshimori should prepare himself mentally. Shidou flies Yoshimori to Kokuunsai's hidden castle (passing Shigemori's hiking group along the way). Seconds after they arrive, an enormous, clawed foot smashes down in front of Yoshimori, nearly crushing him, and Shidou confirms that his master has returned.


  • Tengu is sometimes translated as "goblin", and tengu are sometimes referred to as "mountain goblins", which may be the reasoning behind Viz's decision to refer to Kokuunsai as a goblin. Likewise, "goblin" has become a general term used to refer to small, mischievous demons.

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