Chapter 125: Master and Disciple
Kekkaishi v13 167
Kanji 師匠と弟子
Rōmaji Shishō to Deshi
English Master and Disciple
Other Information
Volume Volume 13
Release Date September 15, 2006
Episode None
Cover Characters Takeshi Kongo, Yoshimori Sumimura, Toshimori Sumimura, Shuji Sumimura

Master and Disciple ( 師匠と弟子, Shishō to Deshi) is the 125th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Takeshi enjoys a relaxing evening at the Sumimura Home: taking a bath, having a filling dinner, and playing a card game, when he suddenly loses his temper and demands that Yoshimori return his missing stake. Yoshimori refuses, but admits he has a reason other than being concerned for Takeshi's health: he wants to know if Takeshi can give him any advice on how to seal Karasumori, so that no one else will be hurt because of its power. Takeshi can offer no help with Karasumori, but agrees that it is unlike any of the nearby Shinyuuchi. Takeshi then reveals that he is not a fully trained exorcist. Yoshimori is shocked, considering how impressive Takeshi was at destroying Ayakashi, but Takeshi tells him that destroying spirits and sealing techniques are basic for an exorcist. However, his training was cut short due to his master's death, and he shares the story with Yoshimori.

Five years before, Takeshi was an energetic boy living in the mountains, and trained himself daily by crushing rocks with his fists. One day he lost track of time and stayed out until night time, and encountered an evil spirit called Jaren that tried to eat him. Takeshi was saved by a man named Kurogane, who drove the spirit back by channeling power through giant stakes (which he also used to generate a protective barrier around Takeshi). The spirit was enraged at being denied a meal and blamed Kurogane for its hunger. After the spirit was driven away, Takeshi decided to be Kurogane's disciple. Kurogane did not seem interested, but since Takeshi refused to go home until Kurogane accepted him, Kurogane agreed and sent Takeshi home with one of his stakes. Takeshi trained for the next three years, and reported his progress to Kurogane when they happened to meet again. Kurogane was surprised that Takeshi remembered him, and seemed sure that he was not the man Takeshi thought he was, but apparently agreed to begin teaching him. Only three days later, Kurogane died in battle with Jaren, and Takeshi became determined to fulfill his master's wish of sealing Jaren. Takeshi says he only recently understood Kurogane's connection to Jaren, and that very moment, Jaren appears in Karasumori.

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