Chapter 121: Slap
Chap 121
Kanji ビンタ
Rōmaji Binta
English Slap
Other Information
Volume Volume 13
Release Date September 15, 2006
Episode Episode 52: The End of Kokuboro
Cover Characters Various

Slap ( ビンタ, Binta) is the 121th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Shigemori Sumimura scolds Yoshimori as soon as they land safely. Tokine rushes over and slaps Yoshimori, knocking him to the ground. She yells at him for rushing off recklessly and endangering himself, without considering the people who would worry about him. Tokine says she won't forgive him if this happens again as Yoshimori tries desperately to apologize. He tries to explain that he had to avenge Gen Shishio. Tokine suddenly hugs him, urging him to take better care of himself.

Yoshimori suddenly collpases, exhausted from his efforts. Shigemori decides there is no more need for him to lecture Yoshimori, but is still amazed that Yoshimori was able to defeat Kokuboro by himself.

Masamori and the Night Troop prepare to leave Karasumori. Masamori tells Yoshimori not to be reckless, and Yoshimori tells him the same, much to Shigemori's annoyance. Shigemori and Shuji Sumimura both invite Masamori to come home anytime.

Shigemori is amazed that Yoshimori showed such great power, yet was able to return to his daily life with no difficulty. Though he is worried about Masamori being so involved in the Shadow Organization, Shigemori decides to place his faith in the next generation. He decides not to interrupt Yoshimori's baking this time.

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