Chapter 120: Way Back
Chap 120
Kanji 帰路
Rōmaji Kiro
English Way Back
Other Information
Volume Volume 13
Release Date September 15, 2006
Episode Episode 52: The End of Kokuboro
Cover Characters Byaku; Princess

Way Back ( 帰路, Kiro) is the 120th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


As Masamori's group continues their escape, Byaku carries Princess through the golden field.

In a flashback, Byaku lies defeated at Princess's feet. She examines him, and says that though he came seeking power, it is not what he truly wants. She refuses to tell him the answer, even after he becomes her attendant. Byaku says he feels at ease by her side.

Byaku realizes that what he really wanted was to be human. He apologizes to Princess for failing to deliver Karasumori to her. Princess says it doesn't matter and gives him permission to leave her, but Byaku decides to stay as the dimension vanishes around them.

Yoshimori wakes up abruptly, concerned about Sen Kagemiya. He has no idea what happened, so Sen explains that he was able to defeat Kaguro. Masamori is worried about their chances of escaping, but Shigemori Sumimura is confident that they can go back the same way they came in, and uses his power to prevent the dimension from collapsing on them for a while.

Tokine Yukimura assists her grandmother in maintaining the portal. Tokiko forms a net to pull out Masamori's team. Tokine is stunned to see Yoshimori returned to them safely.

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