Chapter 118: True Power
Chap 118
Kanji 真の力
Rōmaji Shin no Chikara
English True Power
Other Information
Volume Volume 13
Release Date September 15, 2006
Episode Episode 51: Yoshimori and Kaguro
Cover Characters Kaguro

True Power ( 真の力, Shin no Chikara) is the 118th chapter of the Kekkaishi Manga written and illustrated by Yellow Tanabe.


Sen Kagemiya attempts to block Kaguro's strike with a broken tip from Kaguro's sword. Though he knows there's no chance of success, he hopes it will buy Yoshimori a little time. As Kaguro begans to cut through the sword, the three are engulfed by a blinding light. Kaguro instantly realizes that he has lost, but can't understand why he lost to people with so many weaknesses. Kaguro's body disintegrates in front of Sen, and he wonders if Yoshimori has finally mastered Zekkai.

Princess is amused that Yoshimori used the power she gave him to protect, rather than destroy, and recognizes that the castle won't last much longer.

Byaku wakes up and finds his wounds have healed.

Shion decides to escape with her Spider Goons, but is approached by Hekian.

Masamori Sumimura's team journeys deeper into the dimension, and Hakota finally spots Sen and Yoshimori, but he cannot find the words to describe what he is seeing. Masamori and Shigemori Sumimura are equally shocked as they see a huge, glowing sphere of light around Yoshimori and Sen. They call out to Sen, who is panicking because Yoshimori is not responding.

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